Tweed Fruit Exchange since 1939

The Tweed Fruit exchange was opened in 1939 by Nick Varela, George Varela and their brother-in-law Archie Pouloudis.  Since then it has been operating in this shop…

This shop has been the hub as an exchange for the local farmers and continues that service today.



Tweed Fruit Exchange has always been the choice for local Cafe, Restaurant owners, Chefs and the greater community for the freshest of produce.



This photo comes from the journals of advertising……Above is a picture of Arthur Pouloudis. This photo was used on their business cards.

Our Team

Paul Poloudis

If you can catch him say hello…..Paul is always on the run and is a third generation retailer in Murwillumbah……..

Tweed Fruit Exchange Staff

From the moment you step foot into this shop you are looked after in a way that takes you back in time. The staff are always friendly and are always ready to help you with some of the best produce that the Tweed Valley has to offer.

Maree and Alison

Maree Poloudis (Paul’s wife) is the backbone of Tweed Fruit Exchange.Maree and Alison can be found in the office’s making sure everything runs smooth…