I was never really a fan of either spinach or silverbeet. Until.

Not so long ago I worked for a lady named Kat in her restaurant at Brunswick Heads. Now Kat was of Greek origin and her Mum makes the best spinach pie in the world. Kat’s mum got me to taste her spinach pie. That was it I was converted.

Baby spinach, English spinach, silverbeet bring it on. I love em all. Now Kat’s Mum’s spinach pie (Spanakopita as it’s known in Greek households) has lots of other ingredients in her recipe, I’ll get to the recipe shortly.

I now eat spinach and silverbeet in many and varied ways. In salads, stir fries. soups, even for breakfast with mushrooms and free-range eggs. I can’t believe I missed out on this tasty and versatile vegetable for so long. I wish I’d met Kat’s Mum many years ago.

So, I will give you 2 versions of the spinach pie/ Spanakopita recipe. One without filo pastry for those of us who are avoiding or who are gluten intolerant and one with pastry for those who aren’t.

Get into silverbeet and spinach they are great for you, taste great and are in abundance right now.

This is a picture of the gluten free Spinach Pie.

Oh and Kat’s Mum would make her own filo pastry! But we won’t be going there just buy some.